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Why Choose a Preschool - Grade 8 School?

Villa Academy has intentionally remained a preschool - Grade 8 school. Our rigorous curriculum builds upon each previous year, as faculty collaborate to prevent any holes and ensure nine to twelve consistent years of academic and social/emotional preparation.

National studies and our own experience have shown that students who attend middle school in a K-8 (or preschool-8) environment have significant advantages.

Academic Achievement

  • Perform better on standardized tests and display higher GPAs in 9th grade
  • Faculty know when to challenge a student based on their history
  • 8th graders are more aware of themselves as learners and better able to help select the right match for high school
  • Higher participation in extracurricular activities, including sports, clubs, and outside interests

Intimate Community with Continuity of Expectations

  • Students are truly known by faculty, staff, and other students
  • Faculty collaborate across grade levels to better understand each student’s history, strengths, learning style, and family dynamic
  • Middle schoolers are less victimized or bullyed by other students
  • Students feel safe taking risks and challenging themselves
  • Parents are more involved and participate more frequently in class and schoolwide events

Social/Emotional Development

  • Higher self-esteem, confidence, and emotional stability
  • Opportunity to grow at a slower pace outside of the influence of older teens
  • Continuity of peer friendships and relationships with non-parent adults

Leadership Opportunities

  • Students take on the role of “protector and role model as opposed to having to establish new reputations upon entering middle school” (Keith Look, a researcher for the Philadelphia Education Fund)
  • Peer mentoring in classrooms, buddy program, sports teams, and clubs encourages empathy, compassion, and collaboration
Boy and girl in classroom

What Happens at Villa Doesn't Stay at Villa

The values and friendships middle schoolers develop while at Villa become valuable assets as they move on to new adventures in high school, college, and the real world.

Our middle schoolers are officers on the student council, captains and key players on our sports teams, mentors to our younger students, and stars of our school arts productions.

Our graduates are well-prepared to meet the academic and social/emotional challenges of public, private, and specialty high school programs throughout Seattle.

Our alumni are well aware of the impact Villa has had on their lives and regularly come back to visit and share with us.