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CSI: Villa - Case Solved!

A mock crime has been committed on the Villa campus. The prosecutors need evidence to make their case. Sounds like a job for...CSI: Villa!

As part of their Mock Trial training, Villa 8th graders learn hands-on criminal investigation and forensics techniques. Working with experts in their fields, including officers from the Seattle Police Department, the students learn how to search for evidence and how to properly handle what they find. They measure, record, and photograph every inch of evidence and the surrounding areas.

Back in the lab, the 8th graders test for fingerprints, traces of fibers, and blood. Their carefully detailed reports become part of the prosecution's case.

The State of Washington vs. Tess Johnson

In 2015-16, in the mock case of The State of Washington vs. Tess Johnson, a Villa student was accused of murdering her math teacher, Ms. Skoorb.

After a thorough search of the woods, Villa investigators found the following:

  • human shoe prints
  • unknown animal footprints (possibly dinosaur)
  • navy blue clothing snagged on a branch
  • shovel, no blood
  • turned up dirt
  • dead body’s arm bones (right arm?) with some flesh attached, in garbage bag, buried with maggots (1.5 cm long)

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