Making Villa Better

Making Villa Better

7th Grade "Make Villa Better!" Project

Recently, following weeks of project planning and detailed design, our 7th grade students followed-through on a series of mathematics-related, Project-Based Learning activities around the campus. Some of the projects/improvements included:

  • building and setting trail benches on the waterfront property
  • developing a garden sanctuary/sitting area near the Villa greenhouse
  • designing and constructing a preschool "wiggle-walk”
  • the design and painting of a mural in the covered play area (pictured here)

It was a great series of lessons and lots of fun!

Becoming Good Digital Citizens

For the 17-18 academic year, Villa Academy's Middle School Advisory Program will introduce a "Digital Citizenship" component. We are committed to educating students about using technology respectfully, responsibly, and safely.

Beginning next fall, Villa will implement elements of the Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship curriculum within our Advisory Program.

Portions of this digital citizenship curriculum will also be used in grades K-5 next year.

Making Healthy Decisions

In order to support healthy development toward adulthood, Villa Academy will  enhance programming related to adolescent health in our Science, Religion, and Advisory Programs.

Our "Adolescent Development and Healthy Decision Making" curriculum will draw from Advocates for Youth’s Rights, Respect, and Responsibility sexual health curriculum, modified to fit the needs of Villa’s students.

An important aspect of this enhancement will be ongoing parent education in order to partner with Villa families, who are the principal guide on issues concerning sexuality for their student.

As with the Digital Citizenship curriculum, age-appropriate elements of the Adolescent Development and Healthy Decision Making curriculum will be added to the Lower School program.

Villa is a busy place... stay tuned throughout the summer for further updates!


John K. Milroy, Head of School