Villa and the Great Outdoors

Villa and the Great Outdoors

Welcome to Villa Outdoor Learning. It's brought to you by the faculty/staff Outdoor Learning Committee, whose mission is to "create a whole child curriculum that moves seamlessly between outdoor and indoor learning experiences with full utilization of our unique campus." Recent activities include:

•Bill Richey recently sent his 5th graders outside with rulers, calculators and clipboards to do "real world math."  Their mission was to find 3 geometric shapes on our campus, and then determine perimeter and area of each.

•This week, Amy Calomeni's 6th graders went to our beautiful Grotto—a perfect setting where throughout this month students will share special prayers. This week, Ty began with a quote from Martin Luther King, Jr., "Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding..." and ended with a quote of his own, "Where there is darkness in someone, we can also find light." 

•Kindergarten & 2nd grade scientists in Whitney Compton's and Heather Casper's classes studied wind and water, respectively. K students used wind socks outside to observe the movement of air and discovered that through wind socks they can determine wind direction. 2nd graders searched the schoolyard for puddles, observed the water and described its properties. They also created their own puddles with water, learning two characteristics of liquids: they pour and flow!

•Roger Crafts 6th graders are growing their powers of observation, insight, and creativity through spending time in their own individual "sit spots" on campus. Students quietly engages in independent reflection, attuning themselves to the environment around them, seasonal cycles of change and impact on the natural environment. The initial 5 minute sessions will lengthen over time as students progressively venture deeper. It's great preparation for 30 minute solo sit spots during 6th grade camp at North Cascades Institutes later this year.