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Our Mission


An Inclusive Independent
School Community

Villa Academy is an inclusive independent school community dedicated to developing the whole child in the Cabrinian tradition of “education of the heart.” Through dynamic, inquiry-based learning, Villa Academy students become active agents of their own intellectual growth in preparation for lives of service and purpose.

Applying to Villa

Ours isn’t just a schooling of the mind. It’s an education of the heart.

Through dynamic inquiry-based learning, Villa students are invited to the educational process as active participants.

From the earliest years through the middle grades, students contribute to their education through pursuing their interests, their curiosities, and their thoughts on best strategies for problem-solving; they are given daily opportunities to share “voice and choice.”

Our Cabrinian model of education balances academic challenge with character development steeped in values of service, justice, critical thinking, and effecting positive change—and we help our students put those values into practice by creating real-world connections to our greater community.

Villa students grow as critical thinkers, optimistic skeptics, and agents of their own learning. They are strong communicators and self-advocates, and have meaningful, connected relationships with their teachers and peers. Villa’s inquiry-based teaching method and student-centered learning process cultivates self-knowledge and self-confidence. Villa students are empowered to own their learning and develop the skills to synthesize, interpret, and evaluate. Villa graduates are known to have a  love of questioning, observation, and discovery. They are also emotionally intelligent, confident, compassionate leaders who use their education to effect good in the world.

Be Known.

Inspired by the Cabrinian tradition of “education of the heart,” we practice whole-child education— mind, body, and spirit—that engages students’ minds in intellectual pursuits, recognizes them as unique individuals, challenges them to strive and grow, and honors their innate spirituality. 

Be Challenged.

Our dynamic inquiry-based program challenges and supports each child to learn and explore with a growth mindset, resulting in academic excellence and moral development. By nurturing the development of mind, body, and spirit, we’re growing curious and confident learners, equipped for success and fulfillment in high school–and far beyond.


Villa affirms the critical need to amplify diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and belonging (DEIJB) work in order to expand our communal vision of a more just world. Through justice-focused community engagement, we grow in compassion and stand in solidarity with others, particularly those who are marginalized.

Villa Academy stands for the respect of all human dignity in the spirit of our founder, St. Frances Xavier Cabrini. At the root of all community experiences is our tradition of faith-centered justice; teachers and students commit to affirming the importance of diversity and inclusion in order to expand our communal vision of a more just world.