1,250 Problem-Solving Minutes in 5 Days

1,250 Problem-Solving Minutes in 5 Days

Recently, Mrs. O’Neil’s 5th grade math class competed in a statewide Fall 2016 Story Problem Challenge Event run by the Center for Game Science at the University of Washington.

From October 24 – 28, fifth graders spent 15 – 20 minutes of their math class online every day learning to solve very challenging word problems as part of this fun-filled algebra challenge.

Students were encouraged to do more problem solving after school but it was not a requirement. Not only did every student continue to pursue this after school – they logged over 21 hours (or 1,250 minutes!) in 5 days!

While we didn’t win the statewide tournament, Rajni D. ”won” our individual class tournament by spending 3 hours, 32 minutes and 28 seconds solving 319 problem parts and completing 195 problems. Congratulations, Rajni! Very impressive!

Our class is now practicing its problem solving skills in anticipation of the spring competition!