Due to the continued unhealthy air quality in Seattle, Villa Academy's campus will be closed to all students through Friday, September 18, 2020.
There will be no preschool classes on campus and the supervised on-line instruction for students through the EDP program will not meet on campus.

On-line instruction will take place as previously planned and faculty/staff members will be allowed to use their Villa Academy classroom, if necessary, to provide on-line instruction.

Visual Art: Why it Matters

Visual Arts education is more than the ability to paint a pretty picture. It opens a window to the world. As early as Kindergarten, we introduce students to a variety of artists and art styles, and to current events and world cultures as well. As they reach Middle School, we encourage developing artists to be more independent and reflective as they explore topics such as social and environmental justice.

girl painting

Students meet in our spacious, light-filled art studio, a freely flowing space designed and equipped to accommodate various ages and needs. They receive caring, hands-on instruction in the foundations of drawing, painting and sculpture with themes that foster their independent creativity, self-expression, and social awareness. Art is also interdisciplinary at Villa, and is often a component of STEM-based projects, making it STEAM!

Artistic Literacy Promotes:

  • Curiosity
  • Process over product
  • Self-discipline and expression
  • Confidence and Joy
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Cultural and social awareness
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