Due to the continued unhealthy air quality in Seattle, Villa Academy's campus will be closed to all students through Friday, September 18, 2020.
There will be no preschool classes on campus and the supervised on-line instruction for students through the EDP program will not meet on campus.

On-line instruction will take place as previously planned and faculty/staff members will be allowed to use their Villa Academy classroom, if necessary, to provide on-line instruction.

Technology: Digital Fluency

At Villa, technology is a tool to enhance the learning process and is integrated into every content area of our Middle School program.

Through real-life, everyday activities, students become proficient in a variety of technology skills including:

  • Computer hardware and peripherals
  • Understanding operating systems
  • Network operations
  • Productivity and specialty software
  • Responsible use of technology
  • The interrelationship technology, science, and society

Middle School Laptop Program

Each Villa middle school student has their own laptop for use in all classes. Our Laptop Program promotes individual initiative and creativity while providing for an interactive learning environment that draws upon a student’s skills and knowledge. Laptop orders are coordinated by the school and can be serviced through our Technology Department.

Coding and Robotics

Our goal for Middle School students is fluency in coding and comfort using a range of technology to enhance learning.

Students participate in intensive hands-on computer science workshops, exploring various computing skills and taking a deep-dive into coding. They also participate in Hour of Code, with a choice of 40 coding activities. After school, they can further explore technology with enrichment classes such as Advanced Robotics.

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