Due to the continued unhealthy air quality in Seattle, Villa Academy's campus will be closed to all students through Friday, September 18, 2020.
There will be no preschool classes on campus and the supervised on-line instruction for students through the EDP program will not meet on campus.

On-line instruction will take place as previously planned and faculty/staff members will be allowed to use their Villa Academy classroom, if necessary, to provide on-line instruction.

Preschool Program

Our teachers use the interests and enthusiasm of their students to make learning relevant and exciting. Villa's overall academic approach instills the confidence that enables every child to say, "I can do it!" From a young age, they grow in the skills for kindergarten success and beyond.

Academic Essentials

  • We value a collaborative partnership with families
  • Small class sizes mean more individual attention
  • Directed learning accompanies "play with a purpose"
  • Repeated exploration of materials is essential to progress
  • Subjects are taught through an interdisciplinary approach
  • Making mistakes is an integral part of learning

Students learn to count, measure, estimate, and experiment with geometric shapes.They compare and order numbers, understand quantities, and even begin to experience algebra! We use the Math Without Tears curriculum which is supplemented by many teacher-created lessons and activities.

Preschool science goes outdoors to our amazing campus grounds. Students learn about the life cycle of insects like butterflies and ladybugs, observe and predict seasonal changes in the weather, and explore the animal habitat and native plants through Villa's Forest School. Their experiences come back to the classroom where students work on projects based upon their outdoor activities.

Every day begins with stories! In listening, repeating, and analyzing, students practice comprehension skills and learn many of the conventions of oral and written language. As children progress through preschool, teachers provide a host of alphabet and other early literacy activities that lead to phonemic awareness. Older preschoolers also visit the school's library once a week to hear stories and check out books.

For handwriting, we focus on directionality, grip, and developing fine motor skills in learning how to identify, form, and write capital letters. Handwriting Without Tears provides engaging activities to build a strong foundation as students work on directionality, grip, and developing fine motor skills in learning how to identify, form, and write capital letters.

In an age appropriate way, preschoolers are a part of Villa’s commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. They learn about people around the world, especially through their cultural celebrations, and begin to understand and appreciate the uniqueness of others.

We encourage creative expression through art, music, and movement—daily activities in preschool. Art is more about process than product and is often a component of other subjects like science or social studies. Students sing songs to welcome each other and say goodbye, to help in learning, and just for fun. Older preschoolers visit the school gym where they create, pretend, and develop gross motor skills through a variety of games.

Beyond Academics

We don't just educate part of your child: our Whole Child focus helps preschoolers develop life skills, become part of a community, and through a spiritual lens, grow in compassion.

Through the Second Step curriculum, students practice skills for empathy, emotion management, and friendships through songs, games, puppets, and role-play. Parents will hear about characters like "Impulsive Puppy" and "Be Calm Bunny," and they can also access the program's excellent online parent tools to reinforce skills at home.

Children grow in an understanding of God with stories, songs, and meaninful discussions through the I Am Special curriculum. Students grow in compassion, learning about the importance of community service as they reach out to children in need.

We connect our youngest students to the wider school community. Students visit the "big building" for activities like Halloween, Mother Goose Day, and Christmas Comfort and Joy. Most importantly, our four and five year old preschoolers are teamed with older students who become their special friends through our Buddy Program.

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