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The Power of Hands-On Learning

Technology-oriented classes don’t only take place in labs in front of computers and screens! MakerSpaces offer students the opportunity to work on important engineering and design skills through hands-on learning with a variety of materials. As they generate their own hypotheses through inquiry and execute their projects, they access higher levels of thinking: analyzing, evaluating, and creating.

Whether it’s building shadow boxes and puppet theaters, programming robots or designing fashion with sewn-in LED light circuits, students are exploring new technologies and new solutions.

The Maker movement isn’t just about making for making’s sake, it’s about understanding and practicing innovation. With that at its heart, it deserves the attention it’s gaining in education. –Andrew Kim, Workspace Futures Group "

What Do Students Learn in the MakerSpaces?

  • Learning by doing instead of listening and watching.
  • Designing real solutions to real problems.
  • Planning and executing their own projects.
  • Generating their own hypotheses and testing solutions through inquiry.
  • Collaborating with another—building trust and navigating conflicts as they solve problems.
  • Accessing higher levels of thinking: analyzing, evaluating and creating.
  • Meeting challenging academics: Next Generation Science Standards and the International Society for Technology in Education Standards.
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