3rd Annual Villa Spelling Bee - More info and Registration

2020 Villa Spelling Bee Registration for Grades 1 – 8



Grades 1-3 Spelling Bee: Tuesday, January 14th, 2020 from 3p-5:30p in the Villa Parlor

Grades 4-8 Spelling Bee: Wednesday, January 15th, 2020 from 2:15p-5p in the Villa Parlor


Register below and start studying the words from the 2-page PDF document in link below and by grade level. You can also find the study
words in the Great Words, Great Works book list below.



PLEASE NOTE: Presented words towards the end of both Bees may NOT be on the study lists below. Pronouncer/Judges have additional words to present if they run through words on this list. The additional words will be age/grade appropriate. This is a competition and we want students to prepare, but also learn to muscle through unexpected challenges when they arise. They can do it!


New this year! The Scripps Spelling Bee organization has changed their study guide format this year. Instead of grade study guides, they’ve broken the words into One Bee (lower elementary), Two Bee (upper elementary), Three Bee (middle school). Please find the study guides below with approximate grade guidelines. We want flexibility in our Villa Bees so your students should familiarize themselves (i.e. Study!) words above and below their Bee designation.


Study Word List for Villa Bee (2 pages, words for Grades 1-8)



Grades 1-3 Study List



Grades 2-6 Study List (Note Grades 2 and 3 overlap)



Grades 6-8 Study List (Note grade 6 overlap)



Regional Bee Study Word List (for winner/alternate of Villa 4-8th Bee)



2020 Great Words, Great Works Book List* (one-page PDF – books include all school bee words)



Please direct any questions to Jenny Porter at Jennifer@satsumadesigns.com



*The 2020 Great Words, Great Works book list is divided by difficulty level according to the same scale you'll find in our 2020 study resources. This is fully adaptable to the reading level of your students, but as a general guideline, One Bee corresponds to lower elementary, Two Bee to upper elementary, and Three Bee to middle school.