Drop Off, Pick up, & Traffic Flow

P3 & P4: Parents use the driveway and parking lot on the south end of the Preschool Building, which may be accessed from 49th Avenue NE at the intersection of NE 47th Street.

P5: Parents should use the Yellow Line to drive through, park and walk their child into the Main Building.

Kindergarten – Grade 3: Parents should use the Drop Off and Pick Up Zone on the east side of the Main Building for morning drop off and afternoon pick up. Dismissal is at 3:00pm daily, except on Wednesdays when dismissal is 2:15pm.

Grades 4-8: Parents should use the Drop-Off and Pick-Up Zone on the east side of the Main Building for morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up. Students are dismissed at 3:15pm, except on Wednesdays when dismissal is 2:15pm. On Wednesdays only, due to early dismissal at 2:15pm, students in Grades 4-8 can be picked up at St. Bridget Church.

If you are driving your children to school, we offer two options for drop off and pick up. The safety of our families is our main concern, but we want to expedite the drop off/ pick up procedure to avoid long lines trailing into our neighborhood streets.

The Blue Line Express is for families who can stop and drop, or stop and load their children and their belongings, without assistance, in a minimal amount of time. When using the Blue Line, pull your vehicle as far forward as possible to expedite the process. There are marked spaces for six full- sized cars. This allows six carloads to load/unload simultaneously. To keep the flow of traffic moving we ask that you reach one of these six spots and stop before allowing your child to exit your vehicle. Please do not pass the car in front of you in this area. This Blue Line option is for vehicles carrying children with school materials in hand who are able to open the car doors and unload without assistance.

If your child requires assistance exiting your car, or requires trunk access to school materials or projects, please use our Yellow Line and drive to the lower parking lot to park and unload your child. Then please walk your child to the patio area. Similarly, at pick up time, if your child cannot load into your car in an expedient and independent manner, please drive the Yellow Line to the lower parking area to park, and then walk to the patio area to meet your child.

Download the Drop off/Pick up Guidelines (PDF)>>