3rd Grade Compost Day

3rd Grade Compost Day

Last week, 3rd grade students shared their compost project and learning with the Villa community today. Greeters and tour guides led parents, teachers, and classrooms who visited on a composting journey.  At each station, students engaged their visitors in games, discussions, quizzes, and activities.

The station stops included:

  • demonstration of our compost system models
  • a sorting game (what to compost/what not to compost)
  • demonstration of our 3 new compost systems – the 3 bin, worm bin, and pocket systems
  • a game to find the garbage that didn’t belong in the compost
  • seed planting station
  • place to pick up a composting brochure  

While tour guides and greeters were waiting to walk classes through the tour, they played a game of Worm, Worm, Compost (aka, duck, duck, goose) with students.  

The event was a wonderful team effort. Excellent work, 3rd graders!