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Our Alumni



Schooling of the Mind.

Education of the Heart.

A Community of Belonging

A Lifetime of Belonging

Our Villa community fosters lifelong connections. We love welcoming our alumni back on campus for joyous class reunions, service projects, Open Houses, and more!

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Allie Staiger
Will Mumford


There’s just something special about Villa graduates.  We consistently find them to be clear, connected students who are great contributors to our community.

Local Independent high school college counselor


Across the arc of their education here, Villa students grow as critical thinkers, optimistic skeptics, and agents of their own learning. They are strong communicators and self-advocates, and have meaningful, connected relationships with their teachers and peers. Villa students own their learning and develop the skills to synthesize, interpret, and evaluate. Thus, Villa graduates are known for their love of questioning, observation, and discovery.

Upon graduation, Villa students join the thousands-strong Villa Academy Alumni Association. Our incredible network of alumni is testament to our core belief in the power of whole child education and dedication to lives of service and purpose. Our alumni are an integral part of our vibrant Villa family and community. They stay connected to the school and to one another, attesting to the long-lasting impact of vibrant, relational teaching and learning.

Villa Graduates Frequently Attend:

Villa Academy Alumni Association

Villa Academy is a special place, not only because of its stunning campus, but also because of the closeness of its community. No matter when you attended Villa Academy, you are now, and always will be, an alum, and therefore a part of the Villa family. The Villa Academy Alumni Association is one of the school’s most important organizations. Any student who has attended Villa Academy is considered a member.

Villa’s alumni, now over 2,000 strong, are both local and international, living steps away from campus or as far away as China, Thailand, London, and Zambia. You are lawyers, actors, journalists, writers, researchers, scholars, musicians, physicians, educators, business leaders, scientists, and public servants, all unified by the shared foundation of a Villa education. Villa alumni give back to the school in numerous capacities; some serve on the Board of Trustees, provide high school guidance to 8th graders, or provide feedback on Culminating Project panels. Alumni also give generously of their time and resources by providing internships and career advice to younger alums.

We are always gathering Class News. Have you recently gotten married or engaged? Happen to receive an exciting promotion? Did you start a new business? Any new grandchildren? Have you done any globe-trotting? Your classmates want to know what you're up to! Email details and high-resolution photos (.jpgs are best) to


Their Journey

In addition to being academically accomplished, Villa students are emotionally intelligent, confident, and compassionate leaders who use their education to effect good in the world. When considering high schools, our students face wonderful choices, reflecting their thorough preparedness, considerable achievements, and diverse aspirations. Our students leave Villa more than ready to thrive and succeed in top high schools, colleges, and beyond. We are consistently affirmed in the role Villa plays in our alumni’s educational and character development. 

Beyond High School

  • Boston College
  • Boston University
  • California Polytechnic State University
  • Carnegie Mellon University
  • Gonzaga University
  • Loyola University Chicago
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Northwestern University
  • Occidental College
  • Princeton University
  • Santa Clara University
  • Swarthmore College
  • Syracuse University
  • University of California Santa Barbara
  • University of Edinburgh
  • University of Notre Dame
  • University of Oregon
  • University of Southern California
  • University of St. Andrews
  • U.S. Naval Academy
  • Washington State University